Bounce Back from Daylight Savings Spring Forward

Don’t let Daylight Savings Day set you up for a bad week. If you didn’t already prepare by going to bed early last night or waking up early today, here are some tips to get your mind and body ready for the week ahead:⁠


Don’t drink any extra coffee or tea today to combat any sluggish feelings. Stop taking in caffeine at the same time you usually do.⁠


The light from our beautiful sun helps control our circadian rhythm. Sunlight during the day can help you feel energized by sending your brain messages to wake up and also adjusting your internal clock to know when daytime is and later will start producing melatonin at the right time for sleep.⁠


Make sure you keep your routine straight and go to bed at your normal time. This will help get yourself ready for the new sleep schedule and avoid feeling groggy tomorrow.⁠


While you should always put down your phone and turn off your TV at least an hour before bed, tonight is more important. Like sunlight, the light from your devices affect your sleep, but in the opposite way. Blue light from cell phones, computer monitors, and TVs can interrupt your sleep cycle by pushing off melatonin production.⁠


Poor sleep can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to poor sleep. If you got less sleep last night, it is important to replenish the fluids in your body. ⁠


Stress will keep you up at night, any night. Your body and mind may feel a little out of whack today which can increase stress levels. Try meditating (maybe try the @calm app), go for a walk in nature if you can, or whatever helps you destress. Some people really get a lot out of watching #asmr videos to destress⁠


Avoid reaching for those sleeping pills tonight and try not to go too heavy on those Sunday brunch mimosas. Studies show that despite putting you to sleep, alcohol and sleeping pills can ruin your sleep by messing with your sleep cycles, leaving you unrested and groggy the next morning.⁠