Restasy Weighted Blanket Review – Sherpa Heavy Blanket

With the extremely cold weather we’ve been having lately, I decided to try out a warmer weighted blanket than the bamboo one I usually use. I found a sherpa weighted blanket from a new Amazon brand called Restasy.

The Amazon listing mentioned a few times that the blanket is warmer than regular cotton or bamboo blankets, making it perfect for cold winter weather. The blanket has one side fluffy white sherpa material and the other side is a dark grey fleece that they call “charcoal” on the Amazon listing.


The blanket shipped from Amazon, so it came in the typical Amazon brown box. I’m sure the mailman wasn’t too excited about carrying that 15 pound box up my steps though!

The blanket itself was in a nice canvas bag with a see-through window with the company logo and a view of the blanket. It has a zipper enclosure across the front, so there is no need to tear apart any boxes. Emptied out, the bag folds up nicely to save for storing the blanket later to avoid collecting dust when not in use. Luckily, the bag wasn’t packed tight with the blanket, so it’s not a pain to try and fold up perfectly to fit the blanket back in there.

The thing I really liked about this bag is there are some heavy-duty rope handles on top. This makes it perfect for when taking a trip and you want to bring your blanket with you and have an easy carry option.

Free Gift?

I was not expecting this, but it looks like there was a free gift in the bag!

Had I read the Amazon listing a little closer or paid attention to the product photos, I would have seen that Restasy includes a free sleep eye mask with the blanket. They should really advertise that more!

This isn’t exactly a $50 silk eye mask. It is a decent one that fits nicely and blocks out the light which I would happily have paid $15 for on its own. Regardless, it was an amazing and very welcome surprise!

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With this being a blanket made of polyester, I would have expected the sherpa side to be flat and the fleece to not be that great.

Boy was I wrong! The white sherpa side is super fluffy with a nice texture. The flip side is a smooth fleece material that almost felt like velour. I had to double check the listing to make sure it wasn’t actually velour.

Both sides of the blanket feel super thick and not like a cheap fabric at all. I’ve only had the blanket for a few weeks, but it feels like this is going to be durable for a very long time.

The stitching is straight and clean throughout. It looks tight enough that the beads won’t shift between each square section…a problem I had with some cheaper blankets.

Thoughts and Review

Glass Beads

This was interesting. I’m not about to cut the blanket open to count the beads per square against another blanket, but squeezing each section, it feels like there are less beads in there. The blanket does weigh 15lbs as advertised, so I’m assuming it doesn’t need as many beads since they didn’t use thin cheap fabric, meaning the thick sherpa adds some weight.


I was actually kind of worried this would be too toasty and I would be sweating under this blanket. By itself, it’s really cozy and definitely warmer than a bamboo blanket. It’s a bit warmer than a cotton weighted blanket, but I think it hits the perfect spot of a comfortable winter throw. Sometimes I like to sleep with my window open in the winter, so putting this on top of my regular comforter felt heavenly.

The Fluff Factor

One thing that irks me about weighted blankets is they are usually so flat. For any kind of blanket, weighted or not, I personally like a thick and fluffy blanket like a quality down blanket instead of a flat cheap one. That’s something I truly loved about this sherpa blanket. I feel so cozy and tucked in under this blanket.

I’m also the type that sometimes likes to sleep with a pillow in my arms. I’m single, so I need something to cuddle! Since this is soft and fluffy, and with the added weight, it makes the perfect blanket to cuddle up with by pulling in some of the blanket that isn’t on top of you. I think this is actually helping me sleep better.

Optional Duvet Cover

There are loops around the blanket in case you want to buy a cover for it. I actually didn’t notice them at first since they blend in so well with the fleece side of the blanket.

There are 8 loops in total. One in each corner (4), and one in the middle of each side (4). I checked on Amazon and Restasy’s website, but I didn’t see any weighted blanket covers from them yet. I would assume that any brand’s cover would fit and attach so long as it is for a 60″ x 80″ weighted blanket that attaches to 8 loops.


Finally, a weighted blanket that I can leave on my living room couch without getting judged by my visitors! This one won’t be hiding in my bedroom like the others 😊

Weighted blankets are made to serve a purpose of helping you destress and get better sleep, so they aren’t always made to look great. The dark grey fleece side contrasts perfectly with the white sherpa side and makes this one of the more stylish weighted blankets I’ve seen.

Since they are solid neutral colors, it looks good in most rooms. I have been leaving this draped over the back of my couch when I’m not using it in bed and I have actually gotten one compliment. Additionally, the dark grey side won’t likely show any stains that easily, but it is polyester so unless you spill a glass of wine or cup of coffee on it and leave it to set in for hours, the colors should hold up.


I paid about $60 for this blanket. There was an Amazon coupon at the time, so the price may be a bit higher now.

Similar types of sherpa weighted blankets on Amazon prices seem to range a lot. Most of the 15lb ones are in the ballpark of $70-$85. There are a bunch of others I saw for up to $130.

I personally think using the coupon and getting this for $60 was a steal. I would have happily paid up to $100 for this blanket. I mean…regular sherpa blankets that aren’t weighted sell for almost $50. The sleep mask was also a nice bonus, but I doubt everyone wants or needs that.


I am VERY happy with this purchase. I’m currently warm and cozy in my house looking at the snow coming down outside, with my new sherpa weighted blanket draped over my shoulders.

I’m just curious about whether this will get too hot in the summer months. It feels like the fabric is breathable, but time will tell. If it feels hot, I might just buy a Coolmax or bamboo cover to put over it since I love the fullness of this blanket. I’ll follow up in the summer months with an update on this. Stay tuned.

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